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  • My name is Rosa Serrano and I come from Stockton, California. I developed fibroids that caused me a lot of pain. My gynecologist recommended me to seek help from Surgery Without Medical Insurance, so I decided to call them to be informed about the whole process. When I was told about the cost, it seemed reasonable, so I decided to make my appointment and surgery with them. I want to thank Dr. Perez because I am relieved of my problem. I would recommend anyone who does not have medical insurance and needs surgery to look for Surgery Without Medical Insurance, where there is a lot of kindness, professionalism and above all they offer a very low cost of surgery.
  • I come from Las Vegas Nevada. I was diagnosed as having an umbilical hernia. I started looking for help where I live but it is very difficult, everything is very expensive. Dr. Elsy recommended me to call Surgery Without Medical Insurance. I decided to call and Lis explained the program very well, I went to Dr. Enriquez’s office and he treated me very well. I really liked how the Bakersfield Memorial Hospital staff treated me, they had never treated me so well in a Hospital. I want to encourage people to seek help with Surgery Without Medical Insurance because it is really helpful.
  • I needed surgery on my left knee, I had leakage of fluid and a torn meniscus. I was desperate to find help, I tried to get medical insurance but was not able to. I learned about Surgery Without Medical Insurance through my wife’s friend. When I called Surgery Without Medical Insurance I felt more calm and confident that they would help me. Lisbeth answered my call personally, informed me about the program and the steps to follow. I was attended by Dr. Srivastava, a very good doctor. I thank Dr. Srivastava and Surgery Without Medical Insurance, I recommend this program because it really helps people and the cost is not very high.
  • Rosa Serrano
  • Mayra
  • Armando

CSF Medical Non- Profit Foundation is a Non Profit Organization 501 (C)(3).

We Help Low-income individuals who qualify for Financial assistance to

obtain full and or parcial payment for their surgery with the Mission

of producido a real change in the lives of those affected by the difficult circunstantes the result from an illness.