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My name is Ermila Castro, I come from Selma, I asked for help for a long time in different places. I knocked on doors to help me and I was so desperate because I had been ill for 3 years. I thank Surgery Without Medical Insurance because I found support in them. Thanks to Tomy my medical navigator who supported me immensely. I thank Dr. Sharma I am infinitely grateful to him for operating me. 

– Ermila

I come from Las Vegas Nevada. I was diagnosed as having an umbilical hernia. I started looking for help where I live but it is very difficult, everything is very expensive. Dr. Elsy recommended me to call Surgery Without Medical Insurance. I decided to call and Lis explained the program very well, I went to Dr. Enriquez’s office and he treated me very well. I really liked how the Bakersfield Memorial Hospital staff treated me, they had never treated me so well in a Hospital. I want to encourage people to seek help with Surgery Without Medical Insurance because it is really helpful.
– Mayra

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CSF Foundation

Our organization cares to make a true difference, our efforts go beyond just Surgery Without Medical Insurance. We are in alliance with CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation to continue our mission of helping others. Once a patient has had a consultation with a Surgery Without Medical Insurance specialist and if they are not able to afford their reduced surgery cost, they have a second option which is to apply to CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation to potentially receive financial assistance for their surgery. 

Follow our foundation and be part of a worthy mission.

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