Our mission is to break the gaps that exist in the health system, becoming the BRIDGE among low-income people who do not qualify or cannot afford health insurance and medical institutions and surgical services. Our work manages to produce a real and lasting change in the lives of people and their families who are affected by the difficult circumstances that result from a serious illness.

We want to continue expanding our mission with the help of more professionals, medical field institutions, organizations, and other influential people who share our altruistic objective regardless of race, religion, social status, immigration or sexual orientation. Each successful intervention makes a difference in improving the quality of life of disadvantaged people. For this we need to obtain as much support as we can, unfortunately our voice does not reach as far as we would like to; we need the voice of people like you, so that our message reaches farther and clear.





CSF Surgery is an organization that provides surgical and specialist services to individuals who do not qualify or do not have access to health insurance.

CSF Surgery has made alliances with hospitals, specialists, anesthesiologists, imaging centers, pathologists and other certified professionals, to reduce the costs of surgeries and help make surgical procedures a reality for those without health insurance.
The patient must pay a reduced price for his surgery. CSF Surgery, reduces the costs of surgeries by up to 80% for the benefit of the patient.

CSF Surgery has managed to make a complete surgical package avoiding unexpected charges to patients from various medical institutions.

If the patient does not have the financial resources to cover the amount they must pay for their surgery; they can apply to CSF MEDICAL NON-PROFIT FOUNDATION. If they qualify, they can obtain full or partial payment for their surgery.

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• Achieve the support of various corporations and medical institutions that want to contribute to health care in our most vulnerable community.

• We want to inspire changes in certain structures and policies to make great advances for health and prevention in our community.

• We continually seek ways to support people who do not have access to health care so that they can receive medical and surgical care to stay healthy, active and productive in their community.


  • My name is Rosa Serrano and I come from Stockton, California. I developed fibroids that caused me a lot of pain. My gynecologist recommended me to seek help from Surgery Without Medical Insurance, so I decided to call them to be informed about the whole process. When I was told about the cost, it seemed reasonable, so I decided to make my appointment and surgery with them. I want to thank Dr. Perez because I am relieved of my problem. I would recommend anyone who does not have medical insurance and needs surgery to look for Surgery Without Medical Insurance, where there is a lot of kindness, professionalism and above all they offer a very low cost of surgery.
  • I come from Las Vegas Nevada. I was diagnosed as having an umbilical hernia. I started looking for help where I live but it is very difficult, everything is very expensive. Dr. Elsy recommended me to call Surgery Without Medical Insurance. I decided to call and Lis explained the program very well, I went to Dr. Enriquez’s office and he treated me very well. I really liked how the Bakersfield Memorial Hospital staff treated me, they had never treated me so well in a Hospital. I want to encourage people to seek help with Surgery Without Medical Insurance because it is really helpful.
  • I needed surgery on my left knee, I had leakage of fluid and a torn meniscus. I was desperate to find help, I tried to get medical insurance but was not able to. I learned about Surgery Without Medical Insurance through my wife’s friend. When I called Surgery Without Medical Insurance I felt more calm and confident that they would help me. Lisbeth answered my call personally, informed me about the program and the steps to follow. I was attended by Dr. Srivastava, a very good doctor. I thank Dr. Srivastava and Surgery Without Medical Insurance, I recommend this program because it really helps people and the cost is not very high.
  • Rosa Serrano
  • Mayra
  • Armando