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Surgery Without Medical Insurance (CSF) is an organization that has created a network of experienced and certified specialists, hospitals, anesthesiologists, pathologists, imaging facilities and other professionals to help make a surgical procedure a reality for those who are uninsured. It truly takes a specialist who is experienced, responsible and caring to help individuals in need, especially being aware that these individuals in need may be of low-income. The idea is to help and uplift hardworking low-income men and woman maintain their health and productivity and in return benefit not only their family but also our community.




CSF is an organization that is only able to assist individuals who don’t have or cannot access medical insurance, the reason behind not being able to access healthcare is something CSF dismisses simply because our core belief is that everyone should receive medical attention.

Our mission is to educate people on their choices, to remind them they are not alone, and shouldn’t wait until their medical issue becomes a worsening health issue that could lead to death. In most cases, the delay in resolving their surgical need is what enables individuals to become a burden on society and also become severely ill to the point of not being able to treat their illness.



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