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Surgery Without Medical Insurance (CSF) is a program that helps individuals who do not have health insurance regardless of their immigration status, origin, religion, sexual orientation or others. 

Our program is designed to help people receive medical and surgical care by excellent qualified and certified professionals. 

The surgeries are performed in prestigious institutions, committed to the community in Bakersfield, California. 


Surgery Without Medical Insurance (CSF), reduces the costs of surgeries to more than 70%. By doing so we achieve that the medical and surgical attention for individuals of low income and without medical insurance is more affordable. 

Surgery Without Medical Insurance (CSF), provides personalized attention through advisors who guide the patient throughout the process, at the same time it is the direct link between the uninsured patient and the doctors, specialists, hospitals, laboratories, X-rays, etc. The surgeries of patients who go through the CSF program are carried out in the following hospitals: 

  • Memorial Hospital 

  • Mercy Hospital 

  • Delano Regional Medical Center (DRMC) 

  • Bakersfield Specialist Surgery Center  

  • Bakersfield Heart Hospital 



  • General Surgery 

  • Gynecology 

  • Urology 

  • Gastroenterology 

  • Ophthalmology 

  • Ears/nose and throat 

  • Orthopedics 

There are some surgeries that exceed the capacity of the program such as heart surgeries, transplants, spine, and neurological surgeries. 



  • Low-income individuals who do not have health insurance. 

  • Individuals in whom the surgery does not interfere or aggravate pre-existing health conditions. However, once the individual has been stabilized, they may benefit from the surgery 

  • Of legal age. In case of a minor, parent or legal guardian must sign an authorization. 


CSF IS NOT A HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN, it is a social benefit program inspired by the principles of solidarity, respect, and honesty.

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