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Rosa Serrano


My name is Rosa Serrano and I come from Stockton, California. I was diagnosed with fibroids that caused me a lot of pain every month. These fibroids were growing so my gynecologist told me that I needed surgery but I do not have medical insurance. The cost of the surgery was too expensive, it was […]

Jose Torres


7 years ago, I had an umbilical hernia. I did not treat it and little by little it was growing. I started looking for a place where I could have surgery until I heard on the radio about Surgery Without Medical Insurance that helps people without medical Insurance, so I decided to call. Lis was […]

Claudia C. Mendoza


My name is Claudia Calixto Mendoza, I am from Las Vegas, Nevada. My belly was growing, and I did not know what I had. I went to the emergency room twice, they did some studies and they didn’t want to treat me because I didn’t have medical insurance. When I heard of Surgery Without Medical […]

Ipolito Montes


I started to look for help where I live because my doctor diagnosed me with a hernia. I had a lot of pain between my abdomen and my groin, so my doctor told me I needed surgery. One of my friends had surgery thanks to Surgery Without Medical Insurance so I decided to call and […]

Alma Rangel


My name is Alma, two years ago I started to have a pain under my rib running to my back. That pain would disappear and returned but over time it became more painful. I went to Clínica Sierra Vista and I told my Doctor what was happening, so he decided to do studies and he […]

Lorena Pintor


My name is Lorena and I am very grateful to Surgery Without Medical Insurance. They gave me the hope to keep living because I was very sick and very afraid. I looked up for help on internet and that’s when I found out about Surgery Without Medical Insurance. I called and Tomy was my medical […]

Ana Barreda


My name is Ana and I come from Las Vegas, Nevada. I had a problem with my shoulder and arm. I was in a lot of pain so I went to the doctor and he decided to do some studies. The doctor diagnosis was tear of the rotator cuff. I was looking for options in […]

Esperanza Hernandez


My name is Esperanza, when I knew I needed surgery I called Surgery Without Medical Insurance. I heard about them on 96.9 radio. My surgery was very expensive in other places and I did not have the amount they asked for. It is really difficult to have surgery when you don’t have medical insurance. In […]

Felisa Gonzalez


My name is Felisa and I’m from Shafter. I found out about Surgery Without Medical Insurance when I went to their office to drop off a friend. A few days later, I brought my father-in-law for a foot problem and Surgery Without Medical Insurance helped him. I never imagined that I would end up as […]

Leodegario Ruiz


  My name is Leodegario Ruiz, I live with my wife and I had a gallbladder problem for several years. My wife has suffered to see me in a lot of pain. On October 31st I got a really bad pain. We went to the hospital instead of enjoying that day with our grandchildren. At […]