Maria Rodas

Maria Rodas

Position: Testimonial

My name is Maria Rodas, I come from Las Vegas, NV. Last year, 2018, I began to have a lot of pain from multiple scars tissues from previous surgeries, and a big cyst in the only ovary I had. I started to look for help because Las Vegas specialists are too expensive for a person who does not have medical insurance. I found a place that would do the surgery I needed but they asked for an initial payment of $10,000.00 and a final payment of $65,000.00 which for me was too expensive, so a friend told me about CSF Surgery, I found information about them on the internet and I decided to travel to Bakersfield, California to their office for my appointment. I can say from the bottom of my heart that for me it was a special experience, I met Lis, my medical counselor, she called me often to find out how I was doing. They answered all my questions and always talk to me in Spanish. The cost did not compare to what I had to pay in Las Vegas. Dr. Perez was very interested in my case, he prescribed me a medication for my pain and inflammation. Dr. Perez office was calling me every week to find out how I was doing. The receptionist in Dr. Perez’s office was always nice to me, made me feel good and special. Dr. Perez ordered some studies, and he explained to me why I needed surgery. I went to my appointment in October and for me the cost of the surgery was accessible. So, I quickly collected the money and had my surgery on December 12th. My surgery was at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, where the nurses were watching over me, they were always by my side to calm me down. I stayed 24 hours in the hospital and the next day Dr. Perez went to check on me and asked how I was feeling. They really took an interest in me, they looked after me very well, I felt very special. I thought this kind of treatment was only given to people with a really good medical insurance, but they treated me the best. There was always someone who spoke Spanish to explain everything I needed to know.

Dr. Perez, thank you for everything you did for me, you gave me confidence when you told me not to worry, that you could understand me, and you were going to help me. For me, those words meant a lot because in other places, they had told me that they could not help me because my case was very difficult, and I did not have medical insurance.

I have 5 children and now I feel very good to walk with them and do many other things that I could not do before because of my illness.

I encourage you to call CSF Surgery, do not suffer anymore, come and ask them to find you a doctor who can help you. I recommend CSF Surgery.