Our Administration

Our Administration


Our leaders, along with a committed team, are helping CSF Surgery grow into one of the leading organizations in Kern County.

Our Administration

Jorge A. Enriquez, M.D.

President, CEO, CSF Surgery



Jorge A. Enriquez, M.D.

Position: President, CEO, CSF Surgery



Dr. Jorge Antonio Enríquez Díaz, was born on July 5, 1958 in Mexico City.

He attended his elementary, middle and high school in the city of Tijuana, Baja California, Mx.

1977 Enters Medical School at the Autonomous University of Baja California.

1980 Interniship at the IMSS General Hospital (Department of Mexican Social Security)

1981 SSA Medical Social Service for the underserved. Rosarito, Mexico (Secretary of Health and Social Welfare)

1982 Graduated and recieves his Doiploma as Medical Doctor.

1982-1883 Rotating residence at the  SSA General Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico.

1984-1985 Is assigned to the Juarez Hospital in Mexico City through the Secretary of Health and Social Welfare) (S.S.A.). In this program he is assigned to Gynecology and Obstetrics.

After the 1985 earthquake in Mexico City, he was transferred to the city of Tijuana to begin his General Surgery residency at the General Hospital of Tijuana, Mx.

1985-1988 Completes his surgical residency at the General Hospital of Hermosillo, Sonora.

All these programs were sponsored by the Secretary of Health and Social Welfare).

During his residency at the General Hospital of Hermosillo, several rigorous National examinations for medical specialties in the United States  are taken and all exams are passed and approved.

1989 He is invited by Mount Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, in a surgery program of the famed John Hopkins Hospital. Here begins the second surgical residence in the United States.

1990 He transfers to the prestigious and coveted surgery program of the University of Illinois in Chicago “Cook County Hospital” and worked with world-renowned surgeons, such as Dr. Lloyd Nihus who was a valuable mentor.

1991 He is forced to leave Chicago because of the illness of one of his parents and agrees to be transferred to the University of California in San Diego.

1991 -1994 Finalizes his second residence of General Surgery as chief resident at Kern County Hospital affiliated with the University of California.

It is worth mentioning that during all the years of his residence within the States, he was under VISA J-1, and must return to the city of Tijuana, Baja California as established by the Immigration status of his visa J-1 once the USA Surgical Residence ia completed.

Due to his father’s illness, he is motivated to develop the first assisted living home for the care of disabled elderly patients (Casa Bugambilias), which lasted 16 years.

1995 He is invited by El Centro Regional Medical Center Hospital, in the city of Centro California, to be an assigned surgeon, where he also establishes his private practice, continuing his work with the local community until 1999. This invitation is sponsored by VISA H-1.

1999 He is invited to join one of the largest private surgeon groups in Kern County, Bakersfield, CA. (Loos, Tang, Rodríguez and Iraní). Here he solidifies his private practice where he acquires privileges in hospitals: Mercy Hospital, Memorial Hospital, Adventist Hospital, Heart Hospital, Delano Regional Medical Center and Good Samaritan Hospital.

Dr. Enríquez is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, certified by the Americal Board of Surgery and holds a Medical/Surgeon’s license in California. He is also a member of the Laparoscopic Surgeons Society and member of the American society of doctors.

2007-2009 Head of the department of surgery at the Adventist Hospital.

2010-2013 Head of the surgery department at Good Samaritan Hospital.

2014-2016 Head of the surgery department at Heart Hospital.


2011 Created the program of “Surgery Without Medical Insurance” or “Cirugia Sin Fronteras” having identified the problems that the patient and their families suffer when they do not have medical insurance in the complex bureaucratic system of health in the United States.

Dr. Enríquez finds that the only way to help the uninsured is to advocate directly for them, in all their health, economic and social needs; establishing a strategic alliance with the first hospital (San Joaquín Community Hospital), which opens its doors to this pilot program called “Surgery Without Medical Insurance”

Once the program and operating system of Surgery Without Medical Insurance has been established, a network of surgeons, specialists, laboratories, x-rays, etc. is formed, to be able to fulfill all the surgical needs of the patient without medical insurance, thus managing to reduce the costs considerably of surgery, giving the opportunity to individuals without health insurance to access a health system without impacting the family economy and at the same time keeping the patient healthy, active and productive in their community.

Over time other hospitals took the example of helping their community and have joined the network of Surgery Without Medical Insurance; Mercy & Memorial Hospitals, Delano Regional Medical Center, Heart Hospital, PPSC and Bakersfield Specialist Surgery Center. All participants with a common goal and  interest, to promote health in our community.

To date, more than 9,720 patients have been treated, not only from California, but also from all parts of the United States. It should be noted that all of these patients without health insurance are of multiple nationalities.

Surgery Without Medical Insurance program is currently growing and continues to be in fully acttive.

2015-2018 Member of the board of directors of CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation 501 (c)(3) as medical director.

In recent years he has been a key component in Bakersfield, Ca to form groups of surgeons committed to covering “On Call” needs of several local hospitals.




2005 – 2006 Top Docs; Bakersfield Memorial Hospital.

2012 Certificate of Appreciation; Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce.

2013 Guardian Angel Award; Bakersfield Memorial Hospital Foundation.

2014 Compassion Project; Community service award.

2015 Certificate of Recognition; The Consulate of Mexico in Oxnard for support in XV Anniversary of the National Health week conference.

2016 Certificate of Recognition; The Consulate of Mexico in Oxnard for support in XVI Anniversary of the National Health week conference.

2018 Humanitarian Individual; Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce.

2019 Distinguished Mexican Recognition; Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior




Karla Terrazas

Director, CSF Surgery

I  can proudly say that I have been Director of...


Karla Terrazas

Position: Director, CSF Surgery
Email: karlat@csffoundation.org

I  can proudly say that I have been Director of Surgery Without Medical Insurance since 2011, every day there is a new challenge to meet, new people to help, and uplift. Being able to contribute to the happiness of others, that in one way or another are losing not only their health but also hope due to the injustices and negligence of our society is my reward. We have helped thousands of people since we started this organization and every day I am more motivated to learn from the people who help and understand the true value of a smile, or a hug, and of life itself.

All human beings have the capacity and ability to share the best of themselves no matter the circumstance of life. We should not limit ourselves to helping others because of age, gender, social or political ideologies. I strongly believe that anyone who wants to do good and accomplish something impactful, you just need passion, motivation, and desire.

Abby Hannah

Executive Assistant, CSF Surgery

As Executive Assistant, I focus on being a support system...


Abby Hannah

Position: Executive Assistant, CSF Surgery
Email: abbyh@csfsurgery.com

As Executive Assistant, I focus on being a support system for my leadership with administrative matters that will help improve our current and potential affairs. Working side to side with my director I have been able to develop and adopt new skills and knowledge that has helped me grow and learn. CSF is a place of unity and care, making it a great place to be employed, what we do and accomplish in our office is something that fulfills me and makes me feel accoplished. The impact our team has had on communities across the nation is truly remarkable and I am proud to say that I am part of the CSF team.

Our Team

Lisbeth Perello

Medical Navigator, CSF Surgery

As a medical navigator, I’m there for the patient from...


Marketing Liaison, CSF Surgery

Working for CSF Surgery is one the most gratifying works...

Lisbeth Perello

Position: Medical Navigator, CSF Surgery
Email: lisbethp@csffoundation.org

As a medical navigator, I’m there for the patient from the beginning. I help the patient find the best option for treatment and I am the person who they rely on during their surgical journey here at Surgery Without Medical Insurance. I am proud to be part of Surgery Without Medical Insurance because I am personally rewarded by seeing our patients have a better life due to all our efforts and dedication we invest to help every single one of them.


Position: Marketing Liaison, CSF Surgery
Email: info@csffoundation.org

Working for CSF Surgery is one the most gratifying works I have ever had. To make a real change in my community and to aid those in need, gives a beautiful purpose to my work every day. No one day is like the previous. Working up-close with the community and learning about their needs, hearing their stories, sharing hope, and providing aid is a wonderful experience I hope to live every day.