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The Surgery Without Medical Insurance (CSF) leadership is a distinguished team who is helping grow and shape it to be one of the leading organizations in Kern County, the goal is to change how the medical industry performs and how it provides –inspiring faculty, physicians, and hospitals to make great strides in patient care, education, and advocacy

Jorge A. Enriquez, M.D.

President, CEO, Surgery Without Medical Insurance

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Karla Terrazas

Director, Surgery Without Medical Insurance

I  can proudly say that I have been Director of Surgery Without Medical Insurance since 2011, every day there is a new challenge to meet, new people to help, and uplift. Being able to contribute to the happiness of others, that in one way or another are losing not only their health but also hope due to the injustices and negligence of our society is my reward. We have helped thousands of people since we started this organization and every day I am more motivated to learn from the people who help and understand the true value of a smile, or a hug, and of life itself.

All human beings have the capacity and ability to share the best of themselves no matter the circumstance of life. We should not limit ourselves to helping others because of age, gender, social or political ideologies. I strongly believe that anyone who wants to do good and accomplish something impactful, you just need passion, motivation, and desire.


Abby Hannah

Executive Assistant, Surgery Without Medical Insurance

As Executive Assistant, I focus on being a support system for my leadership with administrative matters that will help improve our current and potential affairs. Working side to side with my director I have been able to develop and adopt new skills and knowledge that has helped me grow and learn. CSF is a place of unity and care, making it a great place to be employed, what we do and accomplish in our office is something that fulfills me and makes me feel accoplished. The impact our team has had on communities across the nation is truly remarkable and I am proud to say that I am part of the CSF team. 



Meet our team 

Lisbeth Perello

Medical Navigator, Surgery Without Medical Insurance

As a medical navigator, I’m there for the patient from the beginning. I help the patient find the best option for treatment and I am the person who they rely on during their surgical journey here at Surgery Without Medical Insurance. I am proud to be part of Surgery Without Medical Insurance because I am personally rewarded by seeing our patients have a better life due to all our efforts and dedication we invest to help every single one of them.

Tomy Salinas

Medical Navigator, Surgery Without Medical Insurance

I work for Surgery Without Medical Insurance because I love the mission it holds, it is compatible with my belief in people helping people. As a medical navigator, I am the first contact an individual has when they call or come to our offices. My job is to listen to the patient and do my best to meet their medical needs by informing them, scheduling their services, and be their support system throughout their surgical process. To be part of the reason why a patient is able to recuperate and be healthy once again gives me the greatest satisfaction. 

Amado Verastegui

Marketing Director, Surgery Without Medical Insurance

I am blessed to be part of Surgery Without Medical Insurance and to share my passion with an extraordinary team that really cares about others. As Marketing Director, I have the opportunity to spread the word and create awareness about what our community needs in regards to medical and surgical services. Being able to create and develop marketing opportunities and strategies is something I take very serious because, in the end, we are able to help others.

Rosaura Flores

Marketing Liaison, Surgery Without Medical Insurance

I love working for Surgery Without Medical Insurance. It allows me to give back to the community especially for those in need of a surgical procedure simply because once they have obtained their surgery they are able to continue to live their lives with their loved ones. My responsibilities are to plan and execute events along with my team and also to network in the community to create awareness about the medical needs of individuals, by doing so we educate our community and create opportunities for those who have been neglected or abandoned by the healthcare industry.

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