Service Details

Service Details

This page is intended to educate people who will receive a surgical intervention.

Here you will find step by step detailed information on the most frequent surgeries performed by CSF Surgery program. Focusing on educating people to have a better understanding of the process of their surgical intervention and the steps to follow after their surgery to have a prompt and satisfactory recovery.

This information is only intended to provide general information about a surgery to improve the patient’s knowledge when they are going to undergo surgery. It does not attempt or imply to be a substitute for professional medical attention and/or advice. Always seek the advice of your doctor or another qualified health provider before starting a new treatment or if you have questions about a medical condition.

Esta información únicamente pretende proporcionar información general de una cirugía para mejorar el conocimiento del paciente, cuando se va a someter a una cirugía. No pretende ni implica ser un sustituto de atención y/o asesoramiento médico profesional. Siempre busque el consejo de su médico u otro proveedor de salud calificado antes de comenzar un nuevo tratamiento o si tiene preguntas sobre una condición médica.

Other Services

Don't Walk This journey Alone

Being an uninsured individual could be difficult and exhaustive, CSF will assign you a qualified patient advocate and guide you through your consultation, surgery, and post op journey.

3 Months of Follow-Up

Once the procedure is complete, you can rest assured that for 3 months our doctors will follow-up and ensure a complete recovery.

Surgeon Specialist

You will be assigned a surgeon with years of experience in their field.


You will also be provided with an Anesthesiologist to assist with the procedure.


Exams, Screenings, Laboratories, Abscond and X-rays are offered at low costs for our patients.

Economical Staying

If night stays are necessary, CSF is able to provide economical options