CSF Surgery is an organization that provides surgical and specialists services to individuals who do not qualify nor have access to health insurance. CSF OFFERS: We are honored to inform you that we are your option when it comes to obtaining a surgical package that will not only be economical but also change your life. A very important highlight is that CSF offers the patient and their family a Medical Navigator that is knowledgeable and experienced in navigating the patient through the entire surgical procedure. From the consultation, their surgery, and three-month follow-up Direct referral to specialists. Laboratory and X-ray Studies are available at discounted prices. The "Surgical Package" The "CSF Surgical Package” does not include pre-op exams but if the patient is required to have pre-op exams they are able to do so at a reduced price which we term the “CSF Price.


Don't Walk This journey Alone

Being an uninsured individual could be difficult and exhaustive, CSF will assign you a qualified patient advocate and guide you through your consultation, surgery, and post op journey.

3 Months of Follow-Up

Once the procedure is complete, you can rest assured that for 3 months our doctors will follow-up and ensure a complete recovery.

Surgeon Specialist

You will be assigned a surgeon with years of experience in their field.


You will also be provided with an Anesthesiologist to assist with the procedure.


Exams, Screenings, Laboratories, Abscond and X-rays are offered at low costs for our patients.

Economical Staying

If night stays are necessary, CSF is able to provide economical options


General Surgery
Ears, Nose & Throat
Reconstructive Surgery


Plastic surgery
Heart Surgery
Thoracic Surgery
Spine Surgery

The Surgical Package includes the following:

* Surgeon
* Assistant
* Anesthesia
* Pathology
* Surgery room (OR)
* Surgical material
* Recovery Room
* 23-hour observation in outpatient surgeries
* 1 night at the hospital (if needed)
* 3 months of follow-up by the specialist without cost.

How to get started

Step 1

Call CSF Surgery to find out if

we offer the surgery you need.

Step 3

If surgery is recommended by specialist,

for the patients benefit, CSF negotiates lower prices.

Step 5

The specialist will request a medical

clearance & Pre-Op lab.

Step 7

3 Month of follow-up the specialist

Step 2

If we offer the surgery you need,

we can schedule your appointment.

Step 4

If the patient is ready for their surgery,

they pay the total procedure (reduced) cost at the CSF office

Step 6

Surgery is scheduled